Best Gift Ideas For Writers

Looking for the best gift ideas for writers? Want to buy a special something for the writer in your life? Our good gifts for writers guide is designed to take the strain out of your search for you.

From very reasonably priced desk aids to the more expensive pen selection, for the writer who still likes to jot some notes down on paper, to the notepads that every good writer has for his notes, thoughts and plots, we have got them all covered.

If you want to read more about any of the gifts for writers below, simply click through to view them and buy them if they are a perfect fit for the writer in your life.

Happy shopping!

If you do not have time to read the full list, we start with a few of the most popular gifts for writers so you can get straight to them.

Best Selling Gifts For Writers

Sometimes the simple gifts are the best, but when you combine simple with high quality, you might just have found yourself the perfect writer gift.

This high quality, highly stylish leather bound notebook will make your writer stand out from the crowd.

It will look good on a coffee table, on their desk or under their arm.

With blank pages, the canvas awaits your writers scribbles, notes, doodles and creative copywriting skills.

The paper is premium, recycled cotton with the 100% leather, this looks and smells fantastic.

Beautifully hand crafted, and with hundreds of five star reviews, you cannot go wrong with this gift for your writer.

Click here to view the leather bound notebook:>>

Highest Priced Gift For Writers

When it comes to writers, the ultimate and highest priced gift is always going to be a pen.

After all, you have just seen the lovely leather bound notepad, so what are they going to use to write in it?

This Montblanc 162 Meisterstueck Le Grand 11402 rollerball pen might just be the thing to set your writers heart a flutter.

When your writer opens this he or she will know how much they mean to you.

Click here to view the Montblanc 162 Meisterstueck Le Grand 11402 Rollerball Pen:>>

Funniest Gift For A Writer – Go Away I’m Writing T Shirt

If you have ever made the mistake of walking in on a writer, while they are doing what they do best, writing, you will immediately understand this gift!

One of two things happen when you walk in on a writer doing their best work:

  1. They completely ignore you as they are so engrossed in their work, or worse still
  2. They give you the glare of doom!

Yes, we know, we have been there, done that, and got the T Shirt ;).

Now, your writer can have the T shirt too, although you may find that once they have one, they want two, three, four or five, or the full range of colours (around 10 in total).

They will wear it with pride, and a little bit of nonsolance.

It might just become their daily work uniform, to remind them of their very existence and being.

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