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Freelance Copywriting CoursesWant To Become A Freelance Copywriter? Discover all of the Freelance Copywriting Courses Available to take immediately and discover how you can make a comfortable five or six figure copywriting income working freelance from wherever you choose.

Why Get Into Freelance Copywriting?

Has there ever been a better time to get into freelance copywriting?

At Freelance Copywriters UK, we think not.

With more and more people wanting to work from home, coupled with an ever increasing need by businesses for unique, well written content for their websites and email marketing, there are simply not enough freelance copywriters available to service this demand.

The benefits of freelance copywriting are manifold:

  • You decide when and where you work.
  • Work just a few hours a week, a day, or replace a full time job. When you become a freelance copywriter, you set your own rules (and your own income).
  • Become an expert in one particular area to drive your fees per project higher.
  • Get fed up of one of your clients – sack them! As a freelance copywriter, you can choose who you will and will not work with. It is totally up to you.
  • Easily create a high five figure or six figure income.

If this all sounds good to you, can you really become a freelance copywriter that easily?


Some lovely businesses have created courses to allow you to get into freelance copywriting quickly and easily.

Some of them even offer you freelance copywriting gigs once you have completed the courses, allowing you to earn your investment in the course back very quickly.

If you are serious about getting into freelance copywriting, here are some of the latest courses available.

To discover more about any of the courses, simply complete the form on this page and we will be in touch (no costs involved – we will just send you details of all of the latest courses available for you to browse and/or discover more).

Here we go:

The Writers Bureau Freelance Copywriting Course

The Writers Bureau was established in 1989, so has some longevity behind it.

With a range of courses, from a comprehensive creative writing course, to a free mini course on an introduction to creative writing, you should find something that you are interested in.

You can even join their Association Of Freelance Writers to gain access to Writing Magazine discounts, a free online course, 3 free guides and a free writing appraisal for up to a 2000 words.

The Creative Copywriter Academy

A UK based copywriting course from The Creative Copywriter Academy.

The course not only promises to teach you how to become a freelance copywriter, but also how to be creative with that copywriting.

The Creative Copywriter Academy aims to tech you:

  • Learn your freelance copywriting skills from the ground up; from complete beginner to copywriting expert.
  • Learn these copywriting skills at your own speed. Once you sign up for the Creative Copywriter Academy, you can go at your own pace.
  • How to win clients once you know what you are doing as a freelance copywriter.
  • How to lock in those clients to continue to pay you month after month, taking away one of the biggest concerns of freelance copywriters; generating a regular income.
  • How you can even obtain paid jobs from the agency side of the Creative Copywriter Academy business.

In addition, they aim to teach you every aspect of becoming a freelance copywriter, from how to pitch for freelance copywriting jobs, how to obtain detailed briefs from your new clients, how to deliver copy that rarely needs editing, how to write your perfect LinkedIn bio so that clients keep coming to you and much more.

From around £200, this course promises a lot, and from the number of reviews they have received for their courses, it looks like they deliver too.

More importantly, I know two copywriters who have been through this course, have written copy for me and now both have successful, full time (as much as they wish) freelance copywriting businesses, so I know that it works.

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American Writers And Artists Institute (AWAI) Copywriting Courses

If you are in America and looking to become a freelance copywriter, or you want to write for a predominantly American audience, then the Amercian Writers and Artists Institute Copywriting Courses may be just what you are looking for.

AWAI shows you how to become a well paid copywriter and is backed by several experienced copywriters, from the American marketing legends Dan Kennedy to Mark Ford (alias Michael Masterson) and Carline Anglade-Cole.

One of the courses is Mark Ford (Michael Masterson) AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting!

From beginners copywriting courses to more experienced or advanced copywriting courses, AWAI has something for every freelance copywriter out there.

They also run the site Writers Wanted, offering the chance to link you to marketers and business owners looking to hire freelance copywriters, so there are potential freelance copywriting job opportunities when you have finished your training.

The Makepeace Method For Writing Million Dollar Sales Letters In 7 Days Or Less

If you have a bigger budget and bigger ambitions, then the Clayton Makepeace “The Makepeace Method For Writing Million Dollar Sales Letters In 7 Days Or Less” could be what you are looking for.

It is priced at over 2,000 dollars, but for this you access his Clayton’s own method that he has used to create many million dollar sales letters.

The Makepeace Method For Writing Million Dollar Sales Letters In 7 Days Or Less is available to buy from AWAI.

Kickass Copywriting Crash Course From John Carlton

You can access John Carlton’s Kickass Copywriting Crash Course by joining his Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club for only $29 per month, with no minimum term commitment and the ability to cancel at any time.

For this, you gain access to all of his lessons and training materials, so you can dive into the copywriting training that will help you the most right now.

Ken Mccarthy’s Advanced Copywriting Course

Another of the great American marketers, Ken McCarthy says he can teach you how to write great copy without needing to be a great copywriter!

Ken McCarthy’s Advanced Copywirting For Serious Info Marketers is another item from the expensive shelf, but if you are serious about wanting to start or expand your freelance copywriting career, AND want to do so in the world of info marketing, allowing you to write great sales letters that make your clients lots of money, this could be the copywriting course for you.

Bob Bly’s Copywriting Courses

Bob Bly is a digital direct response copywriter.

Offering courses from the Bly Master Copywriting Course to Bob Bly’s Copywriting Clinic, you can learn from a man that has copywritten many sales letters for many businesses.

Chartered Institute Of Marketing Copywriting Courses

Ther Chartered Institute Of Marketing (CIM) is a formal marketing training organisation in the UK and offers many courses.

Their Copywriting Masterclass is an interactive course for copywriters and senior marketers to hone their copywriting skills.

It is run online several days each year, and has a price tag in excess starting from £999.

Copywriting For Recruiters

If you are looking to enhance your copywriting skills particularly in the field of recruitment, for example to:

  • Write better job ads
  • Grabbing your reader’s attention; and
  • Getting more candidates to apply for your jobs

then copywriting for recruiters by Mitch Sullivan & Jackie Barrie may be just what you are looking for.

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