How To Become A Copywriter UK | Becoming A Freelance Copywriter

How To Become A Copywriter UKIf you need this question answered: “How To Become A Copywriter UK”, it seems that you are about to embark on an exciting journey of becoming a freelance copywriter.

In this article, we look at the different paths you can take to become a copywriter in the UK.

There are a variety of ways that you can become a copywriter in the UK.

Let’s look at each of them in turn.

Just ‘Become A Copywriter’

There are no formal qualifications to becoming a copywriter. There are courses, as we discuss below, but you can literally decide to become a copywriter today, find your first client and get writing.

We don’t recommend this as your route into copywriting, but it has been done many times before.

This can work for you if you have an area of expertise that you know incredibly well. For example, this has worked well for many people who have left a professional services job, such as an accountant, lawyer or financial adviser, and decided that instead of doing the job they trained for, they would prefer to write about the services that they provided.

People becoming a copywriter in this way have the crucial element of ‘knowledge of a topic’ which is a huge part of the process of becoming a copywriter.

Many business owners and copywriting agencies actually demand that their copywriters have industry expertise, as they are looking for detailed content, so a former professional services provider meets this criteria very well.

It can also work if you have a passion for a topic, so that again, you have a good knowledge that you can use to write about.

If you come into copywriting in this way, the best thing to do is to simply practice, practice and practice.

When it comes to copywriting, practice really does take you from an average copywriter to a good one very quickly.

Take A Copywriting Course

Another way into becoming a freelance copywriter is to take a copywriting course.

As we said, there is no one official content writing academy, but there are a number of well reviewed courses available.

The advantage for some copywriters of taking a course is that they feel it legitimises them in their quest to become a copywriter, giving them the confidence to go out into the job market and freelance copywriting jobs.

Some of these copywriting courses also show you how to apply for copywriter jobs and how to put together a portfolio of artciles to show your expertise to employers.

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Offer Your Services As A Copywriter Free Of Charge

Many people who are looking to employ copywriters will ask for details of the copywriter’s experience.

How do you get experience in copywriting if you have never worked as a copywriter?

Offering your services for free is one way to do this.

The good news is that it can also lead to paid work very quickly.

So long as you set very clear borders, you can offer to write, say, 3 articles for someone (in an area that you are keen to work in) and then explain that if they like them, as a thank you for letting you write for them, they can have their next three articles at half price (getting them to pay something is crucial), and then after that they will pay your full price.

This allows them to try your freelance copywriting services without any risk, but it makes it clear that their is an expectation of payment if they like what you write and they continue using you.

This tactic works in so many industries, yet so few people use it, instead sitting at home dreaming of becoming a copywriter.

Action trumps dreaming every time, so get out there and do some writing if this method appeals to you.

TIP: Whenever you start a new business, nine times out of 10 your first paid job will come from someone you worked with in the past, so that is a good place to start with this technique.

Apply For A Trainee Copywriter Job

If you want a more formal copywriting position, you can apply for a trainee copywriter job.

The disadvantages are that your pay will be capped, as there will be a salary limit, but it will give you structure and a work ethic as your employer will demand a lot of content from you.

Your Earnings As A Copywriter

Whatever method you choose to take to become a UK copywriter, it can be an incredibly rewarding career.

If you become a freelance copywriter, there really does not have to be a ceiling on your earnings, because as your experience increases, so does your fee!

Some copywriters charge thousands of pounds for sales pages.

You won’t start there, but it does prove that the sky really is the limit!

Getting Clients As A Copywriter

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